What is Moving Roots?

Moving Roots (MR) is a movement based performing arts company founded and directed by Anastasia Evsigneeva.

While focused on contemporary dance and circus arts, MR invites collaboration and co-productions with artists and groups of all disciplines. Currently based in Winnipeg, Canada, Moving Roots is a project-based mobile company that is not permanently attached to any specific location and engages artists on a project-by-project basis.

With regard to opportunities and calls for performers keep checking the website. As future projects occur more information will be posted here.


Moving Roots mission is

  • Create & present contemporary dance and circus art works
  • Facilitate an artistic development of the Artistic and Executive Director, and the associate artist(s)
  • Develop a repertoire of works for presentation and touring
  • Create bridges and dialogues between different art forms and audiences
  • Create a welcoming environment for collaborations and work with artists of different backgrounds and marginalized groups, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people
  • Offer learning opportunities in the community through workshops and intensives with guest teachers and/or artists of the company

Upcoming Events

In June 2022 (dates to be confirmed) the company is planning its first public presentation including the premiere of the film TANGLED, and live works that are currently in progress. This celebratory launch will feature Artistic Director Anastasia and Associate Artist Anna in performance on film and live. Moving Roots is honored to be rewarded with a grant from Canada Council for the Arts towards the new creation by Robin Poitras and Edward Poitras (that will be also premiered in the show), as well as towards supporting MR's first public presentation and creation of several new works. We invite you to help Moving Roots with a donation towards this first production and cheer on to the new beginnings.