Photo by: Leif Norman

Photo by: Leif Norman Disappearing, blending in with one another and the outer space, reflecting on the concepts; creating the concepts; seeing them. What is that? The reflection or reality. Diving in and bending over, curving the lines, the artists create the illusion of what is seen versus perceived.

This piece is a study on the physicality of the spine and back fluidity alongside visual illusions created with specific costume choices and lighting design. One of the ideas for the work was the idea of duality between Anna and Anastasia which has also been brought up in other works by Moving Roots. An excerpt of the duet was first performed at Dead of Winter Cabaret in January 2021 presented by Prairie Circus Arts in Winnipeg. The full work was premiered at Moving Roots: Reflections on June 3, 2022, in Théâtre Cercle Molière in Winnipeg.

Choreographers / Contortionists: Anna Protsiou & Anastasia Evsigneeva
Music: Johannes Brahms- “3 Intermezzi, Op. 117: No.2 in B-Flat Minor” interpreted by David Troya, edited by Rayannah
Lighting design: Hugh Conacher
Costume design consultant: Brenda McLean
Cutter / Sewer: Claire Sparling
Costume idea: Anastasia Evsigneeva