Photo by: Leif Norman

Photo by: Leif Norman Being trapped alone in a world full of distorted perceptions molds your self-perception to what the surroundings want you to be. ME-Error brings up the question of self-image being formed by very high, unachievable standards that modern society dictates to us. The work was created along with the research of Egyptian mythology, the world history of mirrors, and rituals performed with them in different cultures. The inspiration also came from personal experiences, love and loss, and psychology studies. The work was premiered at Moving Roots: Reflections on June 3, 2022, in Théâtre Cercle Molière in Winnipeg.

Choreographer/ Dancer/ Concept & Costume and set design/ Voice: Anastasia Evsigneeva
Music: Rayannah
Lighting design: Hugh Conacher
Set construction: Steven Vande Vyvere
Outside-eye: Emily Solstice Tait