Dania AboAoun (she/her)

Videographer / Editor

Photo by: Robert Wilson As an exceptional multidisciplinary designer with inter-cultural experiences, Dania is described as a “swiss army knife of creativity” in Canada and beyond. She is remarkable for her ability to utilize different advertising mediums that resonate with authenticity and originality. Dania is also known for delivering impactful and exciting results that shape conversations and build brand experiences. With her knowledge and eye for detail, she drives growth for clients by developing refreshing brand strategies and creative visual designs that make a difference across various brand touchpoints.

The creative process with Dania started from making a promo dance video for Anna Protsiou. After finding the flow of working together Dania was invited to do videography and editing for TANGLED. This duet has become a starting point of forming Moving Roots company and deeper collaboration between Anna Protsiou and Anastasia Evsigneeva. The music for the duet was composed by Fadi Gattoussi . TANGLED film will be premiered at MR: Reflections.

Instagram: @daniaaboaoun